How to Create an Authentic Victorian Table Setting for Your Blue and Yellow Garden Party

Tips and Tricks for a blue and yellow Victorian style garden party:

1. For an authentic Victorian feel, use our machine wash and dry Victorian tablecloth. Then, layer on top of it blue and yellow disposable paper goods such as plates, napkins, and utensils to tie in the party's color scheme. You can also use yellow cloth napkins to add a touch of elegance. We love the addition of the white and gold flower napkin rings for an added touch

blue victorian party

2. Decorate with blue and yellow flowers. Choose blooms such as blue delphiniums, yellow roses, and hydrangeas in shades of both colors. You can also add greenery to complement the flowers.

3. Use vintage or antique items to enhance the Victorian feel. Look for old-fashioned teapots, cups, and saucers, and use them as centerpieces or to serve tea and other refreshments.

4. Hang bunting or garlands in blue and yellow tones. You can make your own by cutting out triangles from patterned paper or fabric and stringing them together.

5. Place elegant lanterns or string lights around the garden area to add ambiance and create a cozy atmosphere.

6. Set up a photo booth with vintage props and a blue and yellow backdrop. Guests can take pictures and create lasting memories of the party.

7. Serve tea and finger foods on vintage or antique plates and trays. You can also create a dessert table with treats such as mini cupcakes, macarons, and fruit tarts displayed on antique tiered stands.

8. Encourage guests to dress in Victorian-inspired attire such as floral dresses, hats, and parasols for an added touch of elegance.

9. Set up lawn games such as croquet or badminton to keep guests entertained.

10. Provide small favors for guests to take home, such as sachets filled with dried lavender or small packets of flower seeds.

11. Finally, don't forget to play some classical or Victorian-era music to complete the ambiance of your blue and yellow Victorian style garden party.

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