Akrilik Kiddush Fountain (1 Count)
Akrilik Kiddush Fountain (1 Count)
Akrilik Kiddush Fountain (1 Count)

Akrilik Kiddush Fountain (1 Count)

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Introducing the Akrilik Kiddush Fountain, an embodiment of sophistication and ceremonial grace. Meticulously designed with precision and care, this Kiddush fountain is crafted from the finest clear acrylic, renowned for its durability and crystal-like clarity. The fountain's centerpiece is both a visual and functional marvel, allowing the Kiddush wine to cascade gently into the awaiting cups below.

Celebrate the essence of Shabbat and festivals with a piece that is as much a conversation starter as it is a ritual object.

The clean, modern lines of the Akrilik Kiddush Fountain ensure it stands out in any setting, from the most traditional to the ultra-contemporary. It is resistant to staining and easy to clean, promising longevity and a lasting sheen.

This set includes a main goblet, a series of smaller cups, and a striking fountain stand, all designed to harmonize as one fluid, elegant assembly. The Akrilik Kiddush Fountain is more than just a ritual item; it is a heirloom piece that brings families together in celebration, creating memories that transcend time.


3 lbs 4.7 oz

8 inch W 10 inch H with cup

Large Cup 3⅛ inch H 1 ⅞ inch W

Small Cup 3 ¼ inch H 1½ inch W

This set incluces: 1 Large cup, 8 small cups and Fountain

It's not dishwasher safe only hand wash.