12 oz. Black Round Plastic Tumblers (20ct) - Set With Style
12 oz. Black Round Plastic Tumblers (20ct) - Set With Style

12 oz. Black Round Plastic Tumblers (20ct)

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You're setting up an elegant party or event with the perfect drink selection — and to continue that elegant air, you want to make sure you have the perfect drinkware collection. There's no doubt that drinks are one of the most important parts of any event, and the kind of glass you use to drink your beverage determines the level of satisfaction you get - that's why Smarty's fabulous drinkware line is designed to make you enjoy the favorite drink like you never did before. So make sure your event won't miss the glamour of having beautiful drinkware for everyone to hold while you raise a toast! The modern Smarty's drinkware line with its fantastic design will surely add a certain level of style to your event and will give that final touch of elegance to your beautifully designed table. From the strawberry margaritas, cold cocktails, juices, sodas, ice-teas or even water, to the sweet and spicy conversations, their exclusive and elegant design will enhance the aromas and flavors of the drink and showcase your fabulous sense of style, helping your event be a long time remembered. Beautifully matching and coordinating with any style, decor, and taste, Smarty's fabulous drinkware simply has everything you need to provide an elegant and modern look to all your special events, from a wedding reception in the most glamorous restaurant to a trendy birthday party by the pool or any other type of celebration you organize

Choosing plastic over a glass has many advantages, and most importantly, it reduces the risk of breaking, cracking, and bending. Offering great value and a safer vessel for drinking, our drinkware line is the perfect alternative to breakable and expensive glassware. Made of the highest quality plastic materials for durability and premium design, which decreases the likelihood of spills and increases the elegant image you want for your event, this collection is a must-have for your party supply list! And if you like hosting but can't stand a mess, now you are all covered - as our premium plastic drinkware is intended for disposable use, it will simplify the cleanup process, take out the mess and the stress, leaving you free to enjoy with your friends and family, instead of standing over a sink full of dishes - no serving - no washing - no trouble, the perfect kind of dinner and a dream come true for any busy hostess. Decorative and simple, festive and functional, practical and beautiful, this drinkware collection is the simply excellent way to make your drink a little more special and ensure awesomely good fun and mood at any of your events.

Raise your glasses, share a drink with your loved ones, and remind everyone, just how great of a host you really are!