12 oz. Solid Navy Elegant Stemless Disposable Plastic Wine Glasses (16ct) - Set With Style

12 oz. Elegant Stemless Plastic Wine Glasses - Navy (16 Count)

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Modern Stemless Wine Glasses

Add a contemporary, elegant touch to entertaining with these gorgeous disposable plastic stemless wine glasses. These beautiful stemless wine glasses are elegant and minimalist, so you can use them for any type of table setting, from the most glamorous to trendy and casual. With their flawless design of fashion, elegance, and disposable convenience, these spectacular plastic wine glasses are perfect for any occasion, including cocktail parties, wedding receptions, baby showers, bridal bashes, holiday feasts, birthday parties, and professionally catered events.

Plastic Wine Glasses

These exquisite wine glasses are made with top-grade plastic materials, a premium BPA-free material that is sturdy and break-resistant, providing an exceptional and hygienic drinking experience. If you want to enjoy wine without the fear of breaking glass, you definitely need these plastic wine glasses. If plastic wine glass gets dropped, it will draw some attention, but there won't be shattered glass everywhere. Thanks to durable plastic construction, these amazing plastic wine glasses won't break, chip, crack, or shatter regardless of which surface they are dropped on, providing you a safe and reliable drink service. You can purchase our exquisite disposable plastic wine glasses in bulk and save even more with our highly affordable prices. And best of all, these lovely wine glasses are designed for disposable use, providing an effortless and quick post-party clean-up process!