14" x10"  Rectangular Palm Leaf Trays (25ct) - Set With Style

14" x10" Rectangular Palm Leaf Trays(25ct)

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Fulfill your environmental responsibility with these easy-to-use disposable trays. There are no chemicals used to make these environmentally friendly trays. A one-time used tray will make it easier for your customers to dispose of their used food and drinks.Rectangular Natural Palm Leaf Eco-Friendly Disposable Trays are ready to be used and reused and are great for keeping fruit, vegetables, and condiments organized and free from spills. The natural color and natural texture of the leaves give them an artistic appearance that's sure to impress. Extremely elegant and eye-catching, these trays also serve a practical purpose. Their natural texture ensures they're easy to clean and maintain. They're made from recycled palm leaves, so they're environmentally friendly and biodegradable. By adding an eco-friendly touch to your food service with these lovely disposable rectangular palm leaf trays, you will do nothing but enhance your gorgeous wedding reception.

The eco material, the collected fallen palm leaves, means that two trays cannot look the same, which gives them their uniqueness and rustic and elegant charm, which you will much enjoy with your guests, rather than think about what to do with them after the event.

First of all, what you will be the happiest about is the fact these Rectangular Natural Palm Leaf Disposable Trays have a minimal impact on Earth's natural resources and will show how biodegradable they are by quickly breaking down into the environment. These unique and decorative disposable trays are made from fallen palm leaves that are gathered, cleaned, and pressed. They're perfect for holding small baked goods, desserts, candies, and more. They're great for weddings, parties, and other special occasions.

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