3 Part 8x8 Smart Pan Holder with Twig Handles (White & Silver) - Set With Style

3 Part 8x8 Smart Pan Holder with Twig Handles (White & Silver)

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These multi-use Lucite Smart Decor Panz have every feature you wanted! Enjoy the convenience of using a disposable pan, while enhancing your table decor.

Place your filled 8x8 disposable pan directly into the dish. Then hide the rim with the second lucite layer, keeping your disposable pan totally out of site. Use the clear lucite lid to cover your dish and keep your food warm.

Two serving handles are included for the easiest handling ever. Use at your table or keep on your counter with freshly baked good. Coordinate with the other items in our  twig collection- dip bowl sets, caddies, cups and more.

NOTE: Extreme temperatures can melt lucite. We recommend waiting 3-5 minutes from when the disposable pan is removed from the oven before placing in the holder. Refrain from using the clear lucite cover until the food is warm, not steaming hot.
  • Dimensions: 8"x8"
  • Includes pan holder + rim cover + clear lid