3 qt. White Square Disposable Plastic Serving Bowl (3ct) - Set With Style

3 qt. White Square Disposable Plastic Serving Bowl (3ct)

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You can never have too many disposable plastic bowls from the backyard to BBQ to swanky, upscale wedding reception. Even if you think you've got enough space for each carefully designed place setting, you will always need more.

Remember, chips and dip, fruits, appetizers, salads, desserts, and more all require extra bowls. And there are plenty of foods you want to serve at your wedding, shower, or birthday party that won't fit on a traditional serving platter or individualized per table setting. In that case, these fabulous serving bowls are an exceptional choice. In addition, these beautiful 4-quart white serving bowls will allow you to set a gorgeous matching table, even if these are additional options that will undoubtedly impress your guests.

These bowls have a large square rim that tapers down to a smaller square bottom, making it easy for guests to see what's in the bowl as they lean in for a serving. These practical bowls are sturdy disposable plastic, taking away any nonsense around cleanup. However, you can reuse these if you want to, offering the option to approach this party and event that you're planning with whatever kind of focus you want to!

They're also made for durability and integrity, so the visual sharpness of the bowls is going to be matched with protection from splintering, disintegrating, or simply letting you down. These exquisite disposable plastic bowls will be your go-to options for fancy disposable bowls that won't fail on the practicality, simplicity, and table decor front!