Collapsible Washing Cup - Blue - Set With Style

Collapsible Washing Cup - Blue

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Go Wash™ is a convenient, re-usable washing vessel for travel or when you're away from home. We made it large enough to hold the halachically required amount of water for hand washing and small enough to fit in a purse, hand bag and many coat and pants pockets. Go Wash collapses on itself to take up less space so you can take it wherever you go.

Go Wash is made of a flexible material so you don't have to worry about it breaking from being dropped or being squished by heavy items in your travel bag.
Go Wash also comes with a hard travel case to keep it clean. Next time you take a trip, go to the park with the kids or are at the office, bring Go Wash!


  • Go Wash cup is made of sturdy, flexible silicone
  • has two handles for washing left and right hands
  • collapsible to take up less room
  • comes with plastic protective case to keep it clean
  • holds 8 oz.of water, which meets the halachic requirement for the minimum amount of water for hand washing